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Introducing Modern Wolf, An Indie Game Publisher Committed to Ethical Game Development

LONDON, UK—August 21, 2019—Making a statement as the newest publisher on the block, Modern Wolf is excited to not only unveil its debut roster of five incredibly talented indie developers and their upcoming titles, but also establish its commitment to ethical game development practices. From zero tolerance on crunch, to an acute sensitivity to mental health wellbeing, this means taking an active role in holding itself and its development partners to the highest standards possible.

Watch Modern Wolf’s debut highlight reel of unveiled games: 

As a publisher, Modern Wolf seeks to offer the very best in strategy and strategy-adjacent indie games. Whether it’s tactics and sim titles, or a platformer that requires strategic thinking thanks to more… unconventional movement mechanics, Modern Wolf prides itself on establishing long-term partnerships with incredibly talented indie developers, from countries that are largely underrepresented in this industry like Indonesia. But who’s part of this talented roster of development partners? What are they working on? Scroll down for your first look:

Necronator: Dead Wrong | Toge Productions

Deck-building meets lane defense from the creators of Infectonator 3: Apocalypse.

Release: Early Access Q4 2019

Platforms: PC, console, mobile

Ostranauts | Blue Bottle Games

A starship captain sim in a gritty blue-collar sci-fi solar system, from the makers of NEO Scavenger.

Release: Early Access soon

Platforms: PC

Skeleton Crew | Cinder Cone

Pinball-like and physics-based dungeon brawler from the creative director of Smoke & Sacrifice.

Release: Autumn 2020

Platforms: PC, console

Out There: Oceans of Time | Mi-Clos Studio

Space exploration adventure on an epic scale, from the creators of Out There: Ω Edition and Sigma Theory.

Release: Winter 2020

Platforms: PC

Rogue State Revolution | LRDG

The first geo-political roguelike: you’re the democratically elected president of a Middle Eastern republic, but how long can you stay in power?

Release: 2021

Platforms: PC

Recently founded with funding from Supernova Capital LLP—a private equity firm founded by Splash Damage’s Paul Wedgwood—this marks the first steps in Modern Wolf’s bold vision of an industry that’s more conducive to healthy creation. From its stellar roster of development partners and their unique takes on the strategy genre, to its no-nonsense approach to employee wellbeing, Modern Wolf seeks to make game development easier for its partners, and that means starting with the people.

For more information about Modern Wolf, visit their official website and follow the team on Twitter and Instagram. Look out for more information about their ever-growing roster of talented developers soon!

About Modern Wolf

Modern Wolf is a progressive publisher of video games, founded in 2019 by Fernando Rizo and Andreas Gschwari. Based in London, Modern Wolf works with game developers all over the world to make strategy and strategy-adjacent games.

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About Supernova Capital LLP

Supernova was founded by six of the key forces behind award-winning London-based studio, Splash Damage (Paul Wedgwood, Mark Morris, Ross Farrow, Richard Jolly, Griff Jenkins, and Arnout van Meer). With dozens of #1 hits to their names and hundreds of awards and nominations, Supernova draws upon decades of experience and industry credibility in the AAA game development space and beyond. It is a private equity firm, focused on realizing the untapped potential of independent game development studios and their IPs across the globe. Supernova seeks to create a network of talented, independent creators, offering them the capital and high level support necessary to establish long-term stability in an unpredictable industry, all while allowing them to maintain their creative freedom and independence. This, in turn, will ultimately create the happiest, healthiest, and most profitable studios in our solar system.

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